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The Volunteer Organization that provides football to South Portland’s Youth

Who We Are

South Portland Youth Football (SPYF) is a non-profit booster group for the South Portland youth, middle school and high school football teams. The SPYF provides organizational services, raises funds and oversees all aspects of the program. SPYF works closely with, but is not a part of, South Portland, Maine recreation department and the South Portland schools.

We are an organization of dedicated volunteers who have prided ourselves on keeping the cost of each participant's fee to one of the lowest in the state. We have accomplished this through community donations, concessions, raffles and low registration fees. SPYF receives no financial assistance from the city of South Portland.

Home Games

SPYF teams play home games at the Wainwright Complex in South Portland.

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About Us

South Portland Youth Football


Joshua Stevens

Team EMT

Our Mission

Safety First and Foremost

SPYF is pleased to announce that we have become a USA Football Heads Up Football participating program. Heads Up Football is the new standard in football, both on and off the field. This standard is achieved by implementing USA Football’s new organizational membership program that

focuses on





Equipment Fit-

ting and Heads

Up Tackling. A key component of this program is the creation of a new position within our youth football organization called a Player Safety Coach, referred to as “PSC.”

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Our Year Round Commitment

The football season may seem to be short with only a handful of games played, but in order to run a successful youth program preparations must be made almost year round, and especially during the summer months.


Fulfilling Our Mission 

The mission of South Portland Youth Football is educational in nature, to instill in the youth of the community the ideals of physical conditioning, good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority, so that they may become better adjusted, stronger, and happier children, and will grow to be decent healthy and trustworthy adults.

To achieve this mission SPYF will provide a supervised program of conditioning, training and competitive football games. All members shall be guided by the principle that exceptional athletic skill and winning of games is only the secondary objective, and that their leadership and teamwork should at all times reflect the above stated mission.